23-1, Miscellaneous Revisions

Revision 23-1; Effective Sept. 27, 2023

1100Contact InformationUpdates email addresses and contractor portal link. 
1200PurposeUpdates language.
2200HTW Fee-for-ServiceUpdates language and TMPPM link.
2500Definitions Updates language and definitions throughout.
3200HTW CR Anticipated EligibilityUpdates language. 
4110HTW CR Provider Reimbursement CriteriaUpdates language.
4120Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual (TMPPM) and the Healthy Texas Women Program HandbookUpdates text.
4130HTW CR Provider ReimbursementUpdates language. 
4140HTW CR ProhibitionsUpdates language.
4210Required reporting and FrequencyUpdates language and revises reporting requirements.
4220Voucher and Support SubmissionUpdates language.
4230Program Promotion and OutreachChanges title to Program Promotion, Outreach and Inreach. Updates language. Revises promotion and outreach requirements.
5000Additional ResourcesRemoves forms.