22-1, Miscellaneous Revisions

Revision 22-1; Effective Nov. 1, 2022

The following change(s) were made:

Section Title Change
1000 A Referral to Guardianship Contractor’s Procedures Edits language and updates supervisor considerations. Adds information on resignation of HHSC of guardian.
2000 Billing and Payment Procedures Updates relevant title and chapter in TAC where payment specifications are found. Edits language.
3400 Entrance Conference Adds that an entrance conference can be held virtually or by TEAMS meeting.
3500 General Information Updates relevant title and chapter in TAC where guardianship rules are found.
3600 Determining if a Guardianship Principle is Met or Unmet Updates relevant title and chapter in TAC where recommendations for sanctions are found.
3700 Guardianship Principles and Benchmarks Edits language.
3710 Guardianship Principle 1: Legal Adds new section number. Edits language.
3720 Guardianship Principle 2: Case Management Adds new section for case management benchmarks.
3730 Guardianship Principle 3: Documentation Updates relevant title and chapter in TAC and edits language.
3740 Guardianship Principle 4: Financial and Estate Management Removes annual financial and room and board negotiations from list of determinations. Adds question of court permission to property sales review. Adds outcome for benchmark. Edits language.
3750 Guardianship Principle 5: Health and Safety Specifies 24 hours as timeframe for a contractor to report allegations of neglect or abuse to a regulating authority.
3760 Guardianship Principle 6: Quality Assurance Updates language and references to sections and codes under TGC. Adds requirement that copies of new policies will be requested quarterly from contractors.
3770 Guardianship Principle 7: Contractor Reimbursement Edits language.
3780 Guardianship Principle 8: Ward Status Update Edits language.
Form 5012 Contract Monitoring Visit Summary Report Deletes Form 5012 from handbook.