08-2, Updating IMPACT to GOLD, added information on contractor responsibilities, made corrections, and word changes

Revision 08-2; Effective November 7, 2008

The following changes were made:

Section Title Change
All Sections   Replaced the term Inventory Management for Protecting Adults and Children in Texas (IMPACT) with Guardianship Online Database (GOLD)
1000 A Referral to Guardianship Contractor's Procedures Replaced the term certificate of medical eligibility with Certificate of Medical Examination.
2000 Referral of Wards for Successor Guardianship Under the heading called Transfer of Records for Successor Guardianship, the term checkbook(s) was replaced with checkbook registry.

The following text was added:

The contractor is responsible for securing and safeguarding the ward’s resources, benefits and property immediately upon appointment of guardianship, and for becoming the representative payee for the ward, as applicable. The contractor must not engage in activities, or seek to transfer the ward’s resources, benefits or estate in the contractor’s name, prior to being appointed guardian. After the appointment, it is important for the contractor to make every effort to secure the ward’s financial information and to become the identified guardian of the record so the ward’s bills will be paid timely. The contractor must have the ward’s financial accounts restyled and signature cards completed upon appointment.

A contractor may charge the bond required by the court to a ward’s estate if the ward’s estate has sufficient funds to pay the bond, and the contractor is or will be guardian of the estate or guardian of the person and estate. A contractor may not charge legal fees for guardianship of the estate, guardianship of the person and estate, and may not charge bond or legal fees for guardianship of the person. If the contractor is guardian of the person and someone else is guardian of the estate and there are enough funds in the estate, the contractor may work with the guardian of the estate for payment of the bond.

Added “calendar” to the last sentence of the section: It is imperative the contractor file the application for guardianship within 30 calendar days from the date of acceptance to assume full responsibility for the ward.
3000 Billing and Payment Procedures Updated Texas Administrative Code (TAC) reference, corrected link to Appendix II and corrected typographical error.
4000 Protocol and Contract Monitoring Guidance Updated TAC references.
Appendix II DADS Regional Offices and Contact Information Updated document with most recent information.
Glossary Program Terms Replaced the term certification of medical eligibility with Certificate of Medical Examination.

Added GOLD – Guardianship Online Database
Form 5013 Contractor Referral Replaced IMPACT with GOLD.