3600, Client Rights

3610 Resolution of Complaint

Revision 22-2; Effective April 1, 2022

Contractors must ensure that individuals have a means to express complaints and concerns about care received to HHSC, and contractors must ensure that those complaints and concerns are handled in a consistent manner. Contractors’ policy and procedure manuals must explain the process individuals may follow if they are not satisfied with the care received. If an aggrieved individual makes a request for a hearing, a contractor shall not terminate services to the individual until a final decision is rendered by HHSC. Any individual complaint must be documented in the individual’s record.

3620 Termination of Services 

Revision 22-2; Effective April 1, 2022

A qualifying individual must never be denied services due to an inability to pay.

Contractors have the right to terminate services to a client if the client is disruptive, unruly, threatening or uncooperative to the extent that the client seriously impairs the contractor’s ability to effectively and safely provide services or if the client’s behavior jeopardizes his or her own safety, clinic staff or others. An individual has the right to appeal the denial, suspension or termination of services (1 TAC §382.111).  

For more information, see Fair and Fraud Hearings on the HHS website.

Policies for termination of services must be included in the contractor’s policy manual.

3630 Freedom of Choice

Revision 22-2; Effective April 1, 2022

HHSC FPP clients are guaranteed the right to voluntarily choose qualified family planning providers and methods without coercion or intimidation. Acceptance of family planning services may not be required for eligibility for, or receipt of, any other service or assistance from the entity or individual that would provide the service or assistance.

3640 Research (Human Subject Clearance)

Revision 22-2; Effective April 1, 2022

To participate in proposed research that would involve the use of HHSC FPP clients as subjects, the use of HHSC FPP clients’ records or any data collected from FPP clients, FPP contractors must get prior approval from their own internal Institutional Review Board (IRB) and from HHSC. For information about the process, contractors should visit the Institutional Review Board Home

The contractor must have a policy that that states that approval will be obtained from HHSC before instituting any research activities. The contractor must also ensure that all staff members are aware of this policy through staff training. The contractor must keep documentation of training on this topic.