3100, Client Access

Revision 22-2; Effective April 1, 2022

The contractor must ensure that services are provided in a timely and nondiscriminatory manner and must:

  • Have a policy in place to identify and eliminate possible barriers to client care, including ensuring clinic or reception room waiting times do not present a barrier to care;
  • Have a policy in place that delineates the timely provision of services, as follows:
    • Individuals who are deemed eligible for HHSC FPP should be given an appointment as soon as possible and no later than 30 days from the initial request;
    • Clients who request a contraceptive method but cannot be given a clinical appointment immediately must be offered a non-prescription method; and 
    • Minors under 18 years of age should be seen as soon as possible, with every effort made to provide an appointment within two weeks of the request; 
  • Have a policy in place that requires qualified staff to assess and prioritize an individual’s needs;
  • Provide referral sources for individuals that cannot be served or cannot receive a specific service;
  • Manage funds to ensure that established individuals continue to receive services throughout the budget year (September 1 through August 31); 
  • Inform individuals of FPP services and encourage them to bring required documentation to the first visit for eligibility processing; 
  • Comply with all laws, regulations, and contract terms and conditions, as outlined in Section 3500, Nondiscrimination and Limited English Proficiency.

HHSC FPP contractors may not deny services to a qualifying individual based on the individual’s inability to pay.