Appendix VII, Administrative Disqualification Hearing (ADH) Case Record Filing Guide

Revision 14-1; March 31, 2014

Always file the most current material on top of the appropriate section.

Left Side of FolderRight Side of Folder

Topmost item(s) are:

  • ADH tracking sheet
  • MAPPER entry screen printout
  • AVAYA printout


Topmost item(s) are:

  • Decision cover letter
  • Form H4857, Notice of Decision, Administrative Disqualification Hearing
  • ADH decision

Use tabs to separate the remaining items:

Correspondence: (most recent on top)Administrative Review: (for use as needed)

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Email requesting the ADH
  • ADH case summary
  • Form H4851-C, Notice of Administrative Disqualification Hearing
  • Form H4856, Request for Another Appointment for Administrative Disqualification Hearing
  • USPS certified mail receipt
  • USPS domestic return receipt
  • Respondent’s statement of representation

Note: If any of these documents become exhibits, label and file under Exhibits Admitted instead.

  • Respondent’s administrative review request and any accompanying documents

Reopen: (for use as needed)

  • Respondent’s reopen request and any accompanying documents
Exhibits Not Admitted:Exhibits Admitted:
  • Items determined irrelevant or otherwise inadmissible by the hearings officer
  • Items provided to the hearings officer, but not offered by participants
  • Duplicates of exhibits already admitted
  • File exhibits in ascending order.
  • When items are offered independently, label them as the next logical exhibit number or letter. Example: Exhibits A through E are offered. Then an Office of Inspector General (OIG) representative offers five additional pages which are not included in A through E and are not labeled. These pages should be numbered one to five and labeled as exhibit F.