1300, Submitting a Fair Hearing Request Summary

Revision 10-3; Effective May 21, 2010

1310 Forwarding the Request to the Hearing Officer — 1 TAC §357.7

Revision 10-3; Effective May 21, 2010

The agency must accept a request for a fair hearing for one or more actions and create an appeal in the Texas Integrated Eligibility Redesign System (TIERS) Hearings and Appeal module. The request must be entered into TIERS and sent to the Fair and Fraud Hearings section within five calendar days from the date the fair hearing was requested. This includes requests for appeals made after the 90-day time frame. Example: If the client requests an appeal on Tuesday, the fifth calendar day is Sunday. Program staff would need the appeal request no later than close of business on Friday.

1320 Continued Benefits — 1 TAC §357.11

Revision 10-1; Effective January 15, 2010

After a HHS agency program takes an action that affects a client's benefits or services, the client is entitled to receive, under certain circumstances, continued benefits or services until a hearing decision is issued. Whether a client is entitled to continued assistance is based on requirements set forth in appropriate state or federal law or regulation of the affected program.