3700, Emergency Responsiveness

Revision 20-0; Effective December 18, 2020

Clinical Emergencies

Contractors must be adequately prepared to handle clinical emergency situations, as follows:

  • There must be a written plan for the management of on-site medical emergencies, emergencies requiring ambulance services and hospital admission.
  • Each site must have staff trained in basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and emergency medical action. Staff trained in CPR must be present during all hours of clinic operations.
  • There must be written protocols to address vaso-vagal reactions, anaphylaxis, syncope, cardiac arrest, shock, hemorrhage and respiratory difficulties.
  • Each site must maintain emergency resuscitative drugs, supplies and equipment appropriate to the services provided at that site, and appropriately trained staff when clients are present.
  • Documentation must be maintained in personnel files that staff has been trained regarding these written plans or protocols.

Emergency Preparedness

There must be a written safety plan that includes maintenance of fire safety equipment, an emergency evacuation plan and a disaster response plan.