22-1, Handbook Changes

Revision Notice 22-1; Effective January 7, 2022

The following change(s) were made:

Section Title Change
7000 Clock In and Clock Out Methods Updates text and deletes old terminology.
7010 Manually Entered EVV Visits Adds new paragraph to emphasize: “Program providers, FMSAs and CDS employers must complete all required visit maintenance, including entry of manual visits, within the visit maintenance time frame.”
7020 Mobile Method Adds clarification for service providers and CDS employees.
7030 Home Phone Landline
  • Adds clarification to:
    • Landline Requirements
    • Unallowable Landline Phone Type
  • Adds subsections:
    • Identification of an Unallowable Landline Phone Type
    • Documentation
7040 Alternative Device Updates language.
7050 Using Multiple Clock in and Clock Out Methods Updates language.
7060 EVV Services Delivered Outside the Member’s Home Updates language.
8000 Visit Maintenance Adds clarification for:
  • Program providers
  • FMSAs
  • CDS employers
8010 Required Visit Maintenance Updates text.
8020 Auto Verification, Exceptions and Schedules Updates text and punctuation.
8030 EVV System Validation Updates text.
8040 EVV Aggregator Validation Updates text.
8050 Visit Maintenance Timeframe Adds clarification for program providers, FMSAs and CDS employers.
8060 Visit Maintenance Unlock Request Adds:
  • Lists of what program providers, FMSAs and CDS employers can request to change during a Visit Maintenance Unlock Request.
  • EVV PSO text.
  • Clarification about the vendors’ role. 
8070 Visit Maintenance and Billing EVV Claims Updates text.
8080 Last Visit Maintenance Date Updates text.
8090 Rounding Rules Updates text.
10000 EVV Compliance Reviews Adds text “Payers must do their due diligence” to: 
  • Program Provider and FMSA Enforcement Actions.
  • CDS Employer Enforcement Actions. 
10010 EVV Usage Reviews Updates text.
10020 EVV Landline Phone Verification Reviews Updates text in:
  • Failure to Meet the Compliance Standard. 
  • Program Provider and FMSA Enforcement Actions.
10030 EVV-Required Free Text Reviews Adds clarification about required free text for program providers and FMSAs.
10040 HHSC EVV Informal Reviews and MCO Disputes Updates text.
10050 EVV Formal Appeal of the Review Updates text and formatting.