Appendix VII, Retired Information Letters

Revision 15-1; Effective December 17, 2015


The Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) will from time to time retire Information Letters (ILs) when policy has expired, retired or been replaced with new information.

Content in this manual and the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) supersedes any previous ILs or similar guidance published by DADS. The ILs retired as a result are listed below. DADS recommends that providers remove these ILs from their records to ensure they reference the most current information. Any letters or program guidance issued prior to Internet accessibility is null and void, including policy previously sent by U.S. mail.

Number Title Date Posted Date Removed
11-31 Complaints Regarding Solicitation 04/15/2011 04/30/2019
09-162 Personal Care Services and DBMD Residential Habilitation 12/11/2009 11/03/2015
09-153 Personal Care Services (PCS) and Waiver Services Replaced by IL 2015-71 10/30/2009 11/03/2015