3300, Denial Decision Disputes

Revision 23-4; Effective Sept. 22, 2023

Responses Regarding a Denial Decision

If a denial decision is disputed by the household, the following may occur:

  • the household may submit another application to have their eligibility redetermined;
  • the household may appeal the denial; or
  • the county may choose to reopen a denied application.

Eligibility Dispute

If a provider of assistance and a governmental entity or hospital district cannot agree on a household’s eligibility for assistance, the provider or the governmental entity or hospital district may submit Form 3073, Eligibility Dispute Resolution Request, within 90 days of the date the eligibility determination is issued.

HHSC initiates the resolution process by notifying the appropriate entities and requesting any necessary information. HHSC will decide within 45 days. An appeal may be submitted in writing within 30 days. HHSC shall issue a final decision within 45 days after the date on which the appeal is filed.

Employment Services Program

Reference 1000, Program Administration.