Revision 04-0


§58.111 What are the additional requirements for provider agencies delivering services in a 24-Hour Shared Attendant Care setting?


The provider agency must:

(1) be licensed by DHS as a home and community support services agency as described in Chapter 97 of this title (relating to Licensing Standards for Home and Community Support Services Agencies);

(2) deliver services in the SSPD Program under the Personal Assistance Services or Licensed Home Health categories of licensure;

(3) arrange for each residence to have a telephone or an emergency response device for requesting assistance in emergency situations and for requesting assistance with activities of daily living;

(4) have a written emergency assistance and evacuation plan for each residence. The local fire marshal must approve the evacuation plan;

(5) train all clients in the emergency procedures and evacuation plan within three days from the date of service initiation. The provider agency must document in each client file that the client received the training;

(6) ensure that at least one employee, certified in the following courses, is on the premises during the hours services are provided:

(A) United States Department of Labor, Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) or equivalent first aid and personal safety; and

(B) basic life-support and cardiopulmonary resuscitation; and

(7) ensure that there are current physician's orders in accordance with applicable law if the attendant(s) provides delegated medical or nursing tasks. The provider agency must maintain a copy of all physician's orders in the client file.


§58.113 What are the additional initial training requirements for provider agencies delivering services in a 24-Hour Shared Attendant Care setting?


In addition to the requirements described in §58.45 of this chapter (relating to What initial training must the provider agency give staff?), the 24-Hour Shared Attendant Care provider agency must train staff on the following within three days of employment:

(1) fire, health, and safety laws; and

(2) the provider agency's plan for emergency evacuation.


§58.115 Which tasks in 24-Hour Shared Attendant Care require physician's orders?


The provider agency must obtain physician's orders on tasks as required by the provider agency's license.