Subchapter B, Provider Agency Contracts

Revision 04-0



§58.11 What general contract requirements must the provider agency follow?


The provider agency must:

(1) meet all provisions described in Chapter 49 of this title (relating to Contracting for Community Care Services);

(2) deliver services under the appropriate license for the setting in which the provider agency will deliver SSPD services; and

(3) comply with the plan of operation, which is incorporated in the contract by reference.


§58.13 What are the settings in which the provider agency may deliver services?


The provider agency may deliver services in the following settings:

(1) 24-Hour Shared Attendant Care;

(2) an adult day care facility; or

(3) other settings approved by the contract manager.


§58.15 How is written information sent to DHS?


Any written information that DHS requires the provider agency to send to DHS must be sent by mail, fax, or hand-delivery. DHS does not accept e-mail delivery.