6.2 Service Authorization

Service authorizations are authorizations for services to be rendered. Providers must not provide services until a service authorization has been received.

For all service arrays except outpatient services, the request for services must be based on the recommendations resulting from an interdisciplinary team meeting. The CRS counselor approves the service authorizations for the participant.

The service authorization identifies who is to receive services, what services are to be received, and the dates for which services are to be rendered. To continue a service on a service authorization after an end date, the provider must notify the agency about the need to continue the service and obtain approval to continue the service.

Upon approval, the CRS counselor issues an updated service authorization. If the provider provides services outside of the scope of the originally proposed or outlined dates, payment for those services is not guaranteed. All invoices associated with an issued service authorization must be sent to the appropriate CRS office as indicated on the service authorization.