13.5 Customer Satisfaction

All providers who provide PARS in a residential setting must include participation satisfaction measures based on input from participants about benefits received from the services.

Each provider may develop its own survey instrument and procedure. However, at a minimum, the survey instrument must include the following prompt:

Using the Likert scale in the table below, rate the following statements:

  1. I was treated in a friendly, caring, and respectful manner by the staff of [insert provider’s name].
  2. Services were provided in a timely manner.
  3. The services met my needs.
  4. I was satisfied with the services provided.
Likert Scale
1 Strongly disagree
2 Disagree
3 Neither agree nor disagree
4 Agree
5 Strongly agree

Providers must give all participants, both successful and unsuccessful, an opportunity to respond upon discharge from the CRS program. Providers must keep in the participant's file all attempts to obtain participant response to the participant satisfaction survey. The CRS program may request the responses from the provider every six months.