13.2 Required Documentation

For a participant receiving PARS, the provider uses the Mayo Portland Adaptability Inventory (MPAI-4) or Functional Inventory Measure (FIM), as applicable, based on service:

  • on admission;
  • on discharge; and
  • when the six-month follow-up is provided, after discharge.

The Individualized Program Plan (IPP) must document the progress or lack of progress that the participant is making toward reaching the measurable goals and objectives.

Activity schedules must facilitate participation and provide opportunities for the participant to be independent. Schedules must indicate the participant’s general activities for the day, including meals, therapeutic activities, recreation and leisure activities. The activity schedule must address the goals in the IPP and be made available to each participant. Copies of schedules for each participant must be made available to CRS counselors for review. The activity schedule directs the intensity of the daily work that the participant must do to implement the IPP, about both informal and formal training.

The provider must submit and maintain all documentation pertaining to billing. Providers for residential and non-residential services are required to submit service record details into the CRS Data Reporting System. The service record details must be submitted by the 10th working day of the month following service delivery (for example, services delivered in September must be uploaded by the tenth of October). Providers are supplied with an Excel file format or layout and with access to the web-based system to upload the service record details. The details required are outlined in Appendix D: Service Record for CRS Data Reporting System. (See Chapter 4: General Provider Responsibilities for additional documentation requirements.) For technical assistance related to issues with the CRS Data Reporting System contact CRS_Program@hhsc.state.tx.us.