3700, Money Management/Trust Fund

Revision 17-1; Effective November 1, 2017

The SPT will address the individual's need for money management assistance. If an individual requires assistance with money management, this can be addressed during completion of Form 3596, PAS/Habilitation Plan - CLASS/DBMD/CFC.

Individuals receiving CLASS and CFC services will be encouraged to practice responsible personal money management. If the DSA maintains the individual's finances, it must do so in a way that protects the financial interests of the individual receiving CLASS and CFC services.

Individuals receiving CLASS and CFC services will be encouraged and allowed to manage their own finances, whenever possible.

Individuals who are capable of managing their own finances will:

  • receive training by the DSA as needed to enable them to do so; and
  • establish a secure place to store cash.

If the individual does not manage their own funds, the DSA must explain in writing why the individual is unable to perform the activity and what steps are being taken to increase the individual's independence. The provider must also maintain the funds in accordance with trust fund requirements as noted in 40 TAC §19.405, Additional Requirements for Trust Funds in Medicaid-certified Facilities.