7400, Community Services Interest List

Revision 17-1; Effective March 15, 2017

The Community Services Interest List (CSIL) is a web-based application for keeping track of individuals waiting to receive services in various Community Care programs. The CSIL replaces the manual tracking systems used by different community care programs.

The CSIL can be used for a variety of functions. The system works in real time and as soon as you enter data into the system, it is accessible to anyone with the correct permissions. Some functions are restricted to a few people with specific permissions. Permissions are designated by user groups. A "user group" is made up of users who have permission to perform various functions in the CSIL application. Example: The IL Admin group will be able to perform some functions that the IL Worker group is not allowed to do. Your region will decide to which group(s) you will be assigned. You may be assigned to more than one group, but the system allows you to work in only one group at a time.

The CSIL system is used to:

  • enter an individual in CSIL directly or through the Long Term Care Services Intake (NTK) System;
  • track monitoring contacts;
  • update information on individuals in CSIL;
  • do group releases of individuals on CSIL when slots are available;
  • let supervisors assign individuals to case workers;
  • close individuals off the interest list when certified;
  • search for individuals on the CSIL; and
  • determine the individual's status on the CSIL.

Complete instructions for use of the CSIL can be found in the Web Based Training website at http://palms.hhsc.state.tx.us/login/login.asp?refpage=default.asp.