6100, Agency Option

6110 Description

Revision 17-1; Effective March 15, 2017

Under the Agency Option (AO), the provider is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of the attendant and all business details. Most individuals select the AO model because of the simplicity and convenience of receiving services. For example, under AO the individual is not responsible for:

  • locating qualified attendant(s) to provide services;
  • any negligent acts or omissions by the attendant(s), nor liable for those acts;
  • handling all conflicts with the attendant(s);
  • any business details related to service delivery; and
  • training the attendant(s). 

6120 Selection of a Service Delivery Option

Revision 17-1; Effective March 15, 2017

All service delivery options are presented to the applicant/individual at the initial assessment and each subsequent annual recertification. Use Appendix XXXI, It's Your Choice: Deciding How to Manage Your Personal Assistance Services, to assist the individual or applicant in making his service delivery decision.

Obtain a signature on Form 1584, Consumer Participation Choice, and Form 2307, Rights and Responsibilities, indicating the individual's choice of options. The individual's signature on Form 2307 is acknowledgement of the presentation of all service delivery options. It is not necessary to complete Form 1584 at subsequent recertifications unless the individual changes his choice of service options.

If, at any time during the year, a current individual calls requesting information on service delivery options, present the information to the individual at that time. 

6121 Individual Decision

Revision 17-1; Effective March 15, 2017

Maintain Form 1584, Consumer Participation Choice, in the individual's case record. Make sure the individual understands that he may request a service delivery option change at any time by contacting the case worker. 

6130 Casework Procedures

Revision 17-1; Effective March 15, 2017

Casework instructions throughout the handbook assume that the individual has selected the Agency Option (AO) for service delivery, with the exception of:

No special procedures are necessary for the AO. Consult the above-referenced sections if the applicant or individual requests another service delivery option.