9800, Storing and Purging Closed Records for an Administrator’s License

February 2020


Licensing staff store the closed paper files for administrator licenses separately from the active paper files.

Note on the file tab the date and reason the file was closed. Do not use pencil to record the reason a file was closed or to record any other information in or on the paper file.

If a case is closed as a result of remedial action, the paper file is not closed until all due process has been waived or has resulted in the decision being upheld.

Colored dots may be used to easily identify when paper files must be purged. For example, a blue dot may be used to represent one year, a green dot may be used to represent another year, and so on.

Paper files are purged after they have been closed for at least 24 months. Both the paper and electronic versions are then purged.

If the Licensed Administrator program determines that a paper file must not be purged as scheduled, Licensing staff complete a Request to Delay Record Purge and send it to the director of Residential Child Care Licensing for approval:

Licensed Child Care Administrator Request to Delay File Purge

File Name: _______ (administrator’s name) Date: ___________ (date of request)

Request Purge Delay Until: indefinite (or other identified time frame)

Reason for Request: ________ (administrator’s name) has a Reason to Believe finding for neglect which was upheld by SOAH and for which a risk evaluation was denied. While serving as the administrator of the ________ (center name), ________ (administrator’s name) took it upon himself to investigate an allegation that a staff member sexually assaulted a resident. ________ (administrator’s name) considered the allegation unfounded, transferred ________ (staff member’s name) to another unit, and never reported the allegation to DFPS or to law enforcement.

Considering that, according to §745.699 of the Texas Administrative Code, all risk evaluation results are final, I request that we maintain __________’s (administrator’s name) record indefinitely so that this information can be retrieved if he ever applies to HHSC for another license.

Staff signature: Date:

Director approval: _________________________________ Date:____________