8400, Responding to Requests from HHSC, DFPS Staff and Other Agencies

August 2020

When there is a job-related need for the information and the release of information is consistent with HHSC policy and rules, CCR staff do not require a formal request in order to provide information to:

  • other HHSC staff;
  • DFPS staff; or
  • to respond to routine requests from other government agencies (including law enforcement).

8410 Releasing to HHSC Staff and DFPS

August 2020

CCR staff may share any information with any HHSC or DFPS staff person who makes the request for the information without redacting confidential information.

8420 Releasing to Other Agencies

August 2020

CCR staff may share information with other government agencies, other than DFPS, as long as:

  • the request has been staffed with a supervisor;
  • the release of information is consistent with HHSC policy and rules; and
  • the requestor provides written assurance that any confidential information will be protected and that the information will be used only for the purpose and function of the division or agency requesting it.

CCR staff create a Chronology in CLASS detailing:

  1. the information provided;
  2. to whom the information was provided; and
  3. the purpose of providing it.

Questionable Requests

For requests for information from other governmental agencies (including law enforcement) that are questionable, not job-related, unusual, unclear, or not routine, staff must obtain:

  • a written request from the requestor on the requesting agency's letterhead; and
  • verification from an HHSC open records attorney that the release is authorized.