8300, Responding to Requests From Parents and Managing Conservators

August 2020

CCR staff assist parents and managing conservators by:

  • providing information to help them make informed decisions;
  • responding to parents’ or a managing conservator’s request for information about how an operation is regulated; and
  • providing information when parents report alleged violations of the law or rules.


CCR staff provide certain types of information, as explained in the table below.

If parents …then CCR staff …
need permits or forms …
  • refer parents to the CCR public website for information about the permit and inspections; or
  • advise parents to request from the permit holder or operator a copy of the operation inspection forms or follow-up letters.
have a child in DFPS conservatorship …must share all information with DFPS staff.
need general information …must follow the procedures in 8100 Information for General Release.
allege that a child care operation has violated the law or minimum standards …must follow the procedures in 6200 Assessing and Processing Intake Reports.

See 8210 Confidential Information Not for Release to the Public if a parent requests information related to:

  1. an investigation;
  2. a photograph,
  3. an audio or visual recording; or
  4. other depictions or documentations of a child.