2600, Providing Information About the Child Care Regulation Process

Revision 24-2; Effective May 22, 2024

CCR staff provide information about the regulation process and child care regulatory activities to:

  • potential applicants and applicants for a child care permit;
  • operations that hold child care permits; and
  • community members.

Visit 1110 CCR’s Regulatory Activities for a list of child care regulation activities. 


HRC Section 42.047 


CCR staff provide information about the child care regulation process through:

  • pre-application interviews;
  • phone calls while on intake duty for DCCR staff only;
  • technical assistance with operations;
  • community engagement events; and
  • encounters with parents or other stakeholders.


Orientation, Inquiry Meeting, or Pre-Application Interview, 3210 
Providing Technical Assistance, 4154.1 
Referring Requestors to the CCR Public Website, 8110 
Providing Information About Child Care Operations, 8120