11510 Post-Plan Monitoring When Heightened Monitoring Has Been Successful

October 2021

An operation is released from the HM plan and progresses to HM Post-Plan Monitoring once the operation:

  • Has been on an HM plan for one year;
  • Satisfies the conditions of the HM plan;
  • Has at least six months’ successive HM inspections and visits indicating the operation is in compliance with the CCR statute, rules and/or minimum standards and DFPS contract requirements that led to Heightened Monitoring; and
  • Has corrected deficiencies on any CCR statute, rule or minimum standard that is weighted medium-high or high.


During the first three months following release from the HM plan, HHSC and DFPS coordinate to:

  • Track any new intakes received by CCR and DFPS Child Care Investigations; and
  • Complete a minimum of three unannounced inspections/visits.

If the HM development team determines that the operation continues to show progress during the first three months of Post-Plan Monitoring, CCR and DFPS will continue to track new intakes for an additional three months while discontinuing the unannounced inspections/visits.

If no serious concerns are identified during the three-month period, a final HM review meeting is held.