5.1 Introduction

People applying for court interpreter certification must meet the training requirements through classroom instruction, mentoring, or a combination of the two. Mentoring must be provided by a certified court interpreter who has been approved by DARS DHHS to act as a mentor. For more information, see Chapter 4, Court Interpreter Certification, especially 4.3 Training Requirements.

5.2 Court Interpreter Mentor Application

A person applying to be a court interpreter mentor must

  • hold a current DARS DHHS Court Interpreter Certification or RID SC:L for at least twelve months (see Chapter 4, Court Interpreter Certification);
  • pass the written DARS DHHS test on legal and court procedure skills or the RID SC:L written test;
  • have been free of disciplinary action (for example, a certification suspension or unresolved complaint) for the past two years; and
  • complete Form 3903, Court Interpreter Mentor Application, 30 days before the start of mentoring and send it to DARS DHHS.

5.3 Mentee Training Plan and Evaluation

Before mentoring begins

  • complete Form 3904, Mentor Training Plan; and
  • submit it (with Form 3903, Court Interpreter Mentor Application, if not already submitted) to DARS DHHS

Form 3903 and Form 3904 are available at the DARS DHHS office. The forms must be received for approval by DARS DHHS 30 days before the mentoring start date.

For the mentee to receive credit for mentoring received, the mentor must submit a completed Form 3905, Mentee Evaluation, with a copy of the mentee's training hours log within 30 days of the mentoring completion date. Mail the documents to DARS DHHS.