6.3 The Test of Spanish Proficiency (TSP)

6.3.1 Applying for the TSP

The applicant must

  • complete Form 3918, Test of Spanish Proficiency;
  • attach the following items to the form:
    • a copy of a valid photo ID or driver’s license;
    • a check, money order, or cashier’s check payable to DARS DHHS for the designated fee; and
    • a copy of a valid BEI, RID, or NAD-RID certificate card to verify that eligibility requirements are satisfied; and
  • mail the form with the attachments to DARS DHHS.

For more information on fees, see 6.4.7 Trilingual Testing Fee Schedule.

6.3.2 Scheduling the TSP

The DARS DHHS staff or a designee must administer the TSP at a site determined by DARS DHHS. A calendar of scheduled dates and sites can be obtained from the DARS DHHS office.

For more information about test expectations, the test format, and sample TSP questions, contact the DARS DHHS office.

6.3.3 Forfeiture of Fees

Testing fees are forfeited if the TSP is not taken within 90 days of application, except when there is a valid reason for the delay. If an applicant must cancel a confirmed appointment, he or she must contact DARS DHHS staff immediately. An applicant may reschedule a test appointment without an additional fee at the approval of DARS DHHS and if he or she provides proof of one of the following:

  • illness of the applicant or an immediate family member,
  • death of an immediate family member,
  • inclement weather conditions, or
  • reasons beyond the applicant's control that made attendance impossible.

If an applicant cancels a testing appointment and provides proof of one of the above, the applicant must reschedule the exam within 30 days and take the newly rescheduled test within six months.