4.5 Court Certificate Annual Renewal

A court interpreter certificate holder must renew his or her certificate annually by paying the required annual renewal fee to DARS DHHS before the expiration date. Annual courtesy renewal notification letters are mailed or sent via email at least 60 days before the due date. Failure to receive a courtesy notification letter from DARS DHHS does not exempt a certified court interpreter from the renewal requirements.

Certified court interpreters must complete Form 3901-2, Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility of Certified Court Interpreters, and Form 3924, Court Certificate Annual Renewal, or Form 3921, Multiple-Certificate Annual Renewal.

Upon receiving Form 3901-2, Form 3924, or Form 3921 and the required fees, a DARS DHHS staff member updates the certified court interpreter's status and generates a new certificate card, which is valid through the following year.