1.4 Accommodation Requests

DHHS is committed to providing equal access to interpreter certification to applicants without compromising the quality of services or integrity of the certification testing process. Requesting an accommodation and submitting documentation of need from a certified diagnosing professional are the first steps to advising DHHS of an applicant's disability.

All requests are reviewed by the Health and Human Services Commission's Civil Rights Office.

When DHHS receives the determination, DHHS notifies the applicant of the outcome and proceeds accordingly. Requests for accommodations and any accompanying documentation must be received with the application.

DHHS requires documentation from a certified diagnosing professional (that is, a physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist) that is dated less than two years before the application for the TEP. This documentation must

  • specify how the applicant's disability substantially limits his or her ability to take this examination under current testing procedures,
  • provide guidance about modifications recommended to enable the applicant to test,
  • be submitted on the certified diagnosing professional's letterhead, and
  • include a completed C-039 Attachment-1 Health and Human Services Reasonable Modification Request, which can be obtained from DHHS.