Chapter 4, Setting Up the Work Station

4.1 Setting Up the Workstation (4 to 6 Hours)

Teach setting up the workstation using the following steps.

  1. Determine the most effective way for the consumer to take notes.
  2. Provide instruction on the CPU including
    • turning on the computer and shutting it down,
    • performing a cold reboot,
    • connecting peripherals to the computer,
    • testing a scanner, and
    • printing a test page.
  3. If applicable, provide instruction on PC-access and laptop (USB) video magnifier/OCR devices including
    • installing device software;
    • testing device features (connectivity, panning, zoom, contrast, distance viewing, etc.);
    • setting the focus and contrast on a video magnifier;
    • changing device settings; and
    • using line markers.
  4. Provide instruction on organizing the workstation including
    • the importance of good lighting,
    • the most efficient arrangement of peripherals, and
    • labeling important keys on a computer keyboard.
  5. Provide instruction on organizing tech support phone numbers for relevant software and hardware and how to use them.