Chapter 14, Training Reports

14.1 Information in the Training Report

Assistive technology training reports are sent to the consumer’s counselor and/or the EAS who completed the EAS consultation report and placed it in the consumer's file. Consumers may review your reports upon request.

Write an objective assessment of the training experience and include any problems the consumer may have (slow typing, eye fatigue, memory problems, etc.). Avoid making assumptions about the consumer; instead, state facts based on what you observed during training.

If you encounter something that you think should be mentioned but you do not wish to include it in your written report, contact the counselor or EAS by phone to discuss the issue.

Do not, under any circumstances, indicate to the consumer that he or she may need additional hardware or software, even if you think that is true. These issues should be discussed only with the counselor or EAS. Any recommendations made for additional equipment must be supported by training occurrences. Document any customization or modification that you make to the consumer’s computer or assistive technology, as well as how or where you provided relevant information to the consumer.

14.2 Guidelines for Submitting Reports by Email

Reports submitted by email must meet the following guidelines.

  • Send interim reports and final training reports by email to the counselor and EAS specialist who completed the consultation report.
  • Include the counselor’s caseload number.
  • Complete all reports using a Form 2868, Assistive Technology Training Report, and include all required information. (For more information, see the sample training report.
  • Do not use the consumer's Social Security number on email reports.
  • Do not use the consumer's complete name. Use only the consumer's first name and last initial. In the body of the report use "consumer" or first name only.

14.3 Report Requirements

Assistive technology training reports must meet the following requirements.

  • All training reports must be prepared using a Form 2868, Assistive Technology Training Report.
  • Training reports for DBS consumers must be submitted to the counselor and the EAS specialist who completed the consultation report within 10 working days after the training is completed.
  • Training reports for DBS staff members must be submitted to their supervisors within 10 working days after the training is completed.
  • If consumer training continues beyond one 30-day period, the trainer must submit an interim report to the consumer's counselor for each 30-day period.

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