Chapter 12, Trainer Dos and Don'ts

12.1 Do

The following are best practices for assistive technology trainers.

  • Do be prepared and on time for appointments.
  • Do dress neatly.
  • Do manage your travel time so the consumer gets the most out of a day's training.
  • Do complete written training reports in the required format.
  • Do submit a written training report within 10 working days after the training is completed.
  • Do be courteous to the consumer at all times (if you have a problem related to the consumer's behavior, contact the counselor immediately).
  • Do use the curricula described in this manual.
  • Do provide only the training that has been requested.
  • Do reinforce the use of vendor technology help lines and the need to back up files.
  • Do contact the counselor or EAS immediately if you discover a problem with the consumer’s equipment, hardware, or software.
  • Do provide the consumer with electronic copies of any changes or additions to the desktop setup, keyboard shortcuts, scripts, sets, or other configuration files, including customized settings for the assistive software.

12.2 Don't

The following practices are prohibited for assistive technology trainers.

  • Don't talk about other consumers.
  • Don't criticize the Division for Blind Services or DBS staff members.
  • Don't tell the consumer that he or she needs newer, additional, or upgraded equipment or software.
  • Don't install anything (software or hardware) unless the counselor or EAS has requested or authorized it.
  • Don’t recommend additional training or additional training time to the consumer.
  • Don’t solicit the consumer for services or business.
  • Don't bring your children, driver, or other people into the training environment.
  • Don't alter any DBS form when training DBS staff members.

12.3 Things to Remember

If you think the consumer would benefit from additional equipment, software, or training, state this in your report, but do not discuss it with the consumer. Doing so can set up unrealistic expectations for the consumer.

If you notice performance issues such as a consumer’s unfamiliarity with the keyboard or inability to grasp required concepts, contact the counselor or EAS immediately.

If the consumer becomes belligerent or abusive, leave the training site immediately and contact the counselor or EAS.