F-1410 Overview

Revision 21-0; Effective January 15, 2021

The Nutrition Services Incentive Program (NSIP) provides additional funds for nutrition services programs. The added funds are based on the number of qualified meals served in the previous fiscal year.

Meals reported as NSIP eligible must be:

  • served to a person eligible to receive a meal;
  • served to an eligible person who has not been means-tested (checked for income or assets to decide eligibility) for participation;
  • compliant with the OAA nutrition requirements;
  • served by an eligible agency (i.e. has a grant or contract with a SUA or AAA); and
  • served to a person who has an opportunity to make a voluntary contribution.

Report eligible meals to receive NSIP cash when the meal is reimbursed through:

  • Title III;
  • program income;
  • general revenue; or
  • local cash.

Do not reduce payments for nutrition services (including meals) provided under parts B (supportive) or C (nutrition) of the OAA to reflect an increase in the level of help provided through NSIP funds.

AAAs must ensure meal providers expend NSIP funds solely for the purchase of foods produced in the United States.

Meals under contractual arrangements with food service management companies, caterers, restaurants or institutions, must contain foods produced in the United States at least equal in value to the per meal cash payment received by the meal providers.


Document NSIP eligible meals in the HHSC information management system using the correct fund identifier to show meals met all requirements in this section. Do not report meals in the information management system using NSIP as a fund identifier. Do not report ineligible meals using an NSIP eligible fund identifier. Documentation of meals must follow a AAA or subrecipient’s written policy.


Report all meals using the HHSC information management system. A provider must use the correct fund identifier in the system for meals claimed for NSIP cash. A provider must ensure all meals are claimed for NSIP cash are eligible.