NFA Initial Applicant Step by Step Instructions

All applicants are required to read the Nursing Facility Administrator (NFA) Licensure rules prior to completing any of the following steps. The NFA Licensure Rules can be found online.

Please keep in mind that all required steps could take up to a year to complete. A Help Manual is located in the upper right-hand corner of the NFA system if you need additional assistance.

Instructions to Register

  1. On the Home page, click the link to register;
  2. Complete the Initial registration page and click "register" (You are required to use a valid email address. It is best to use a personal email address that does not change);
  3. Click OK to continue;

To Complete a New Application

  • Click on Application tab on the left hand menu and select New.
  • There are 8 requirements to complete on the New Application Summary page. Once a requirement is complete you will see a check mark in the box. The Personal Information requirement must be completed first in order to continue with the process.
    • Personal information: if not checked, click it and you will be redirected to the Personal Information page. Fill in the required fields on that page to complete this requirement. (See User Manual page 20)
    • Application fee: if not checked please click it and pay $100 application fee. The application fee is only good for a year from the date the fee is paid. If you do not complete all licensure requirements within the year you will be required to repay the application fee. (see User Manual page 70-77)
    • Criminal history report: applicants are required to request a criminal history report from The Department of Public Safety, (refer to the helpful links section of the online system). Once HHSC NFA staff receives, reviews and approves the report the requirement will be checked.
    • Education Transcripts: applicants are required to meet specific degree and alternative education requirements listed at §555.11 & §555.13 of the NFA rules. To complete this requirement you must select Personal Information and then select the Academic and Alternative Education tab. Applicants must list all degree/academic information in the system and list the courses you completed that meet the 5 Domains of the NAB. They must also submit their official transcripts to HHSC NFA Licensing, PO Box 149030, E-420; Austin, Texas 78714-9030. HHSC staff will review the transcripts, upload to the system and approve. Applicants who wish to apply for the 500 hour Waiver must complete this requirement before they are eligible to apply for the Waiver in the system. (See User Manual pages 21-28) Waiver: To qualify for a waiver applicants must meet waiver requirements listed at §555.13 of the NFA rules. The Apply for Waiver button will only appear on the Academic and Alternative Education screen if HHSC has received, reviewed, uploaded and approved your official transcript. To apply click the Apply for Waiver button. The system will redirect you to the Internship Waiver Application page. Click on Choose File, to upload your resume and then click Upload. (Incomplete Resumes will not be approved) To view what you have uploaded click View. To complete click on the Apply button. HHSC staff will then review the resume and approve or reject. The system will send you an email once a decision has been made. (See User Manual pages 67-68)
    • Internship: applicants must complete this step prior to starting an internship. The internship application must be completed in the correct order to receive approval. This process requires steps to be completed by the applicant (AIT) and preceptor. (see User Manual pages 39-47)
    • NAB Exam and State Exam: after completion of the above requirements you will receive an email to take the NAB and State Exams. Notification of the scores will be sent directly to HHSC and your scores will updated in the system and requirement will be checked.
    • Initial License Fee: click it and pay $250. Initial license fee. (see User Manual page 66-73) Once the fee has been paid. HHSC staff will issue your license and a Wall and Wallet License will be mailed to the address you have listed in system.

Tip: If you need to log out of the system and log in again later, you can access your application by clicking on the Dashboard tab and then select Application ID.