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Intellectual and Developmental Disability Services

Haley Turner, Associate Commissioner of IDD Services
IDD Services Phone number: 512-438-4886
IDD Services Email:

Local Procedure Development and Support

Stacy Box, Manager

The Local Procedure Development and Support unit coordinates and monitors the implementation of certain initiatives for which LIDDAs are responsible. The initiatives include:

  • Management of the Home and Community-based Services (HCS) and Texas Home Living (TxHmL) Program interest lists; 
  • Biennial interest list contacts for HCS and TxHmL; 
  • Authorization and tracking of program vacancies for the HCS and TxHmL programs; and
  • Management and approval of LIDDA- operated HCS and TxHmL provider caps.  

The unit:

  • Tracks LIDDA compliance with designated measures in the Performance Contract:
    • Enrollment of individuals in HCS and TxHmL waiver programs; and
    • Interest list biennial contacts for HCS and TxHmL waiver programs; 
  • Releases HCS and TxHmL slots, including reviewing documentation to ensure the person meets criteria for targeted slots and monitoring the slot through enrollment;
  • Processes and approves LIDDA- operated HCS and TxHmL provider caps; and  
  • Provides technical assistance to LIDDAs for state supported living center admissions and Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability or Related Conditions (ICF/IID) program Intellectual Disability/Related Condition (IDRC) submissions.

Email for LIDDA questions about interest list activities in the Community Services Interest List (CSIL) application or assistance with submitting a pre-enrollment form on the Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership Long Term Care Online Portal (TMHP LTCOP).

Email about the following forms:

  • Form 1052, Public Provider Choice Request
  • Form 1058, Request for Home and Community-based Services Crisis Diversion Slot
  • Form 1046, Request for HCS Adult NF Transition Slot
  • Form 1047, Request for HCS Targeted NF Diversion Slot
  • Form 1045, Request for Extension of Enrollment Offer Due Date
  • Form 8571, Request to Change Interest List Information for HCS or TxHmL

LPDS Phone number: 512-438-4886
LPDS Fax number: 512-438-5220

Preadmission Screening and Resident Review

Judy Southall, Director
Valerie Krueger, Manager - PASRR Policy and Specialized Services
Paul Zanetti, Manager - Compliance Monitoring

Preadmission Screening and Resident Review is a federally mandated program that is applied to all individuals seeking admission to a Medicaid-certified nursing facility (NF) to identify:

  • Individuals who have a mental illness, an intellectual disability or a developmental disability (also known as related conditions);
  • Appropriateness of placement in the NF; and
  • Eligibility for specialized services.

The PASRR Unit is responsible for:

  • Developing rules, policies, and resources for external entities, including NFs, local mental health authorities (LMHAs), local behavioral health authorities (LBHAs), and LIDDAs;
  • Monitoring compliance with PASRR requirements through data reports;
  • Authorizing NF specialized services (NFSS) for residents who are PASRR positive for IDD;
  • Providing technical assistance to providers regarding PASRR requirements and processes; and
  • Developing Business User Requirements and assisting in the functional design of enhancements for the TMHP LTC portal.

Email about the following:

  • Assistance or cooperation from  a Referring Entity, NF, LIDDA or LMHA/LBHA;
  • Assistance with locating information to complete and submit the PASRR Level I Screening Form,  PASRR Evaluation, PASRR Comprehensive Service Plan and Authorization Request for Nursing Facility Specialized Services forms;
  • Assistance with locating LIDDA and LMHA/LBHA contact information, and  PASRR training resources;
  • Policy guidance regarding PASRR processes, specialized services and therapist assessments; and
  • Questions specifically related to MI/ID/DD or related conditions.

IDD Services Training and Curriculum Development

Kent Allen, Manager

The IDD Services Training and Curriculum Development Unit creates, revises and maintains virtual, online and instructor-led courses. The unit's trainers are responsible for scheduling and administering PASRR training to 39 LIDDAs across the state. The curriculum developers support trainers by formatting and designing course curricula, materials and learning aids; additionally, they assist in the formulation of learning objectives, aids and brochures for PASRR-related conference presentations. The unit's trainers also provide virtual instructor-led Person-Centered Thinking training.


IDD Program Improvement

Vince Gonzales, Manager

The IDD Program Improvement team works with Program Services on technical assistance and information requests received by IDD Services. The unit not only focuses on external processes but analyzes IDD Services operations as well.

The Program Improvement team is responsible for:

  • Reviewing the Performance Contract;
  • Handbooks related to LIDDA services; and
  • Communication from IDD Services to streamline current processes.

The unit continually seeks to improve:

  • Program Reporting;
  • Forms for service delivery;
  • Tracking performance measures; and
  • Provision of technical assistance to the LIDDAs and other stakeholders.

In addition, the unit serves as a liaison between the Contracts Management Unit and other units within IDD Services. This entails assisting in some of the processes that come with initiation of contracts.


IDD Program Services

Anne McGonigle, Manager

The IDD Program Services team coordinates the development and revision of rules, handbooks, trainings, publications, webpages and forms impacting LIDDA policy and operations.

The Program Services team:

  • Provides technical assistance regarding policy and rules;
  • Responds to inquiries and complaints;
  • Offers subject matter expertise in areas affecting LIDDAs, including:
    • Service coordination;
    • CFC non-waiver enrollment;
    • General revenue-funded services;
    • PASRR;
    • Enhanced community coordination; and
    • Transition support teams;
  • Processes requests to certify authorized providers; and
  • Develops statutory initiatives and analyzes bills during legislative sessions.

The unit has primary responsibility for updating:

  • LIDDA Handbook
  • IDD PASRR Handbook
  • Service Definition Manual
  • Coordination 101 Training

Email for inquiries regarding service coordination or reordering publications on Pinnacle Cart.
Email for inquiries regarding habilitation coordination, community living options, and IDD habilitative specialized services.
Email for questions about LIDDA rules or policy.
Email for certified authorized provider requests.

IDD Money Follows the Person

Debbie Alexander, Manager

Money Follows the Person (MFP) is a Medicaid program that helps expand community living opportunities for persons with IDD. The program is used to assist Medicaid recipients with moving out of NFs, ICF/IIDs, or state supported living centers and into one's own home, family home, a host home/companion home, or a three- or four-person group home. MFP also provides long-term services and supports in order to help participants successfully transition to community living.

The unit:

  • Coordinates and monitors the implementation of certain MFP initiatives such as:
    • Enhanced Community Coordination (ECC); and
    • Transition Support Teams (TST);
  • Provides technical assistance to ECCs and TSTs on IDD MFP program requirements and initiatives;
  • Manages and monitors IDD MFP funding and expenditures;
  • Assists LIDDAs in addressing barriers to persons transitioning to the community; and
  • Provides clinical expertise, peer reviews, and case consultations requested by LIDDAs to assist with transitioning a person to the community or helping a person remain in the community.