Quality Management

What is the Quality Management Branch?

The Quality Management Branch is responsible for assuring that contractors funded by Texas Health and Human Services meet standards and requirements of the agency. On-site and case management desk reviews are conducted to assess the quality of services delivered by contractors and assure that pre-determined standards of care are met. Staff work with contractors to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services delivered to ensure Texans receive high-quality, comprehensive services in a cost-effective manner. The core principles of quality management focus on the client, systems and processes, measurement and teamwork.

QMB's three major goals are defining quality, measuring quality and improving quality. QMB will work with HHS policy staff, various other service staff and contractors to define standards of care and program requirements to define quality. To measure quality, QMB will work to assure that review tools clearly reflect the identified healthcare standards and program requirements. Quality Improvement staff of QMB will work closely with QA review staff, policy and service staff and regional staff to identify contractors with improvement needs.

Client Service Standards for Public Health and Community Clinics (PDF) are intended to augment program-specific standards. The standards address common components for administering public health clinics to assure the delivery of quality health services. The standards have a corresponding statement of intent and evaluative criteria, which are incorporated into the core tool. The review team will use the core tool as a resource to ensure compliance with the standards.

The Client Service Standards for Public Health and Community Clinics has four topic areas:

  • Personnel
  • Quality Improvement
  • Client Rights
  • Clinical Operations

Contact Information

Texas WIC
Quality Management Branch
4616 W. Howard Ln., Ste. 275
Austin, Texas 78728

Phone: 512-341-4605
Fax: 512-341-4406
Email the Quality Management Branch for additional information.

Health Service Region QA Coordinators

  • Region 1: 806-655-7151, ext. 245
  • Region 2/3: 817-264-4658
  • Region 4/5N: 903-533-5336
  • Region 6/5S: 713-767-3401
  • Region 7: 254-778-6744
  • Region 8: 210-949-2091
  • Region 9/10: 915-834-7769
  • Region 11: 956-423-0130, ext. 583

For further information regarding the health service regions, visit the regional website.