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The Texas Birthing Center Licensing Act was first enacted in 1985 by the 69th Legislature. A birthing center is an alternative means for a pregnant woman to deliver in a setting other than at home or in a hospital.

HHSC develops rules that establish minimum standards for Birthing Center licensing procedures; for granting, denying, suspending, and revoking a license; for licensing fees; for operation; and for clinical standards. Birthing Centers are not Medicare certified.

Find or Verify a Licensee


The following documents, fees, and actions shall be completed and approved before a license will be issued:

Initial Application

Complete Form 3212, Birthing Center License Application

Renewal Application

Change of Ownership Application

Supporting Forms and Documents

Survey Components

During the initial licensing period, Health Facility Compliance Zone Office staff will conduct an on-site survey to ascertain compliance with the provisions of the Health and Safety Code and associated rules listed below. An entrance conference will be held with key facility personnel. Zone office staff will explain the survey process and answer questions. During the survey, zone office staff will:

  • Review clinical records
  • Review facility policies and procedures
  • Review quality assurance activities
  • Review personnel records
  • Interview staff
  • Conduct an exit conference with key facility personnel
  • Discuss survey findings

Laws and Rules

Texas Laws

Rules & Regulations

Open Records Requests

There is no specific form for submitting your open records request. Your request must be in writing and may be submitted by mail, fax or email. Include enough description and detail about the information requested so we can accurately identify and locate the information. List your name and mailing address so we can provide you with the requested information. We may also provide you with an itemized statement of charges, if applicable, or notify you if the information you are requesting cannot be provided promptly.

Enforcement Actions

Birthing Centers Enforcement Actions (PDF)

Contact Information

General Email, Fax, Phone and Mailing Information
Phone: 512-438-5448
Fax: 512-834-4514

Mailing Address
Health Facility Licensing
P.O. Box 149347
Austin, TX 78714-9347

Mailing Address for Applications with Fees
HHSC AR Mail Code 1470
P.O. Box 149055
Austin, Texas 78714-9055

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Enforcement Unit
Fax: 512-834-6623

Mailing Address:
Texas Health and Human Services
Regulatory Services Division, Enforcement Unit
P.O. Box 149347
Austin, TX 78714-9347