Long-term Care Credentialing

The Credentialing Unit licenses, certifies and issues permits to individuals that work and provide services to nursing facility residents. Credentialing of these individuals is a vital process to ensure that they are qualified to perform the services that they provide.

The HHS Regulatory Services Division, Licensing and Credentialing Section and Enforcement Section manages:

  • Nursing facility administrator (NFA) licensing, investigation, and sanctions
  • Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP)
  • Nurse aide certification, investigation and sanctions
  • Nurse Aide Registry (NAR)
  • Medication aide (MA) permitting, investigation and sanctions
  • Employment Misconduct Registry (EMR) of unlicensed staff of HHS-regulated facilities and agencies found to have committed acts of abuse, neglect, exploitation, misappropriation or misconduct

The Licensing and Credentialing Section’s Nursing Facility Administrators Licensing Branch:

  • Licenses NFAs, certifies nurse aides, and permits medication aides;
  • Manages the nurse aide training and competency evaluation programs
  • Maintains the NAR and medication aide database

The Professional Credentialing Enforcement Unit of the Enforcement Section:

  • Conducts investigations of NFA complaints and referrals and sanctions violation of NFA requirements
  • Makes findings of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation against nurse aides and enters on the NAR, entering findings of misconduct to the MA database
  • Manages the EMR program

For questions, contact the Credentialing Unit.