AAA Communications

Policy Bulletins

Note: The following documents are in PDF format. Find bulletins containing policy of procedural information in the Area Agency on Aging Policies and Procedures Manual.

Release Date Broadcast Number Title
11/22/2021 2021-08 Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) Handbook Website Redesign
09/01/21 2021-07 AAA SPURS User Access List Review with Annual Role Permission Verification;
AAA User Deactivation of Accounts
08/17/21 2021-06 SPURS Session Termination Functionality Change
05/21/21 2021-04 Notice of Funding Available – CDC Vaccinations Title III-B
05/17/21 2021-03 Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey;
Monthly Harmony Advanced Report (HAR) Validation Process
04/02/21 n/a Harmony Advance Reports (HAR) Requirement;
Request for Reimbursement (RfR) Supporting Documentation Requirement;
Fund Identifier for Consolidated Appropriation Act (CAA) Fund
03/05/21 n/a Notice of Funding Available Notification;
AAA SPURS User Access List Review;
AAA User Deactivation of Accounts
02/05/21 n/a The AAA Policies and Procedures Manual Has Been Released

Rule Conversion Matrix

Access and Intake AAA Rule Regrouping and Reorganizing conversion matrix — effective 9/1/2008 (MS Word)

State Program Instructions

A program instruction clarifies or provides additional interpretation of a policy that is enforceable by rule or state or federal regulation.  Note : The following documents are in PDF format.

State PIs
Release Date Revision Date Series and Name
03/24/08 04/07/09 AAA – PI 200: Capital Equipment & Controlled Assets
01/07/08 12/30/08 AAA – PI 301: Older Americans Act Focal Point Requirements
01/07/08 12/28/09 AAA – PI 303: HHS Equal Treatment Regulations: Providing Equal Treatment of All HHS Program Participants
01/07/08 01/07/09 AAA – PI 305: Counting Units for Services Where the Unit is One Hour
01/07/08 12/08/08 AAA – PI 308: Allowable Transportation Services for Persons Under 60
01/07/08 10/1/16 AAA – PI 309: Health Promotion Services
01/07/08 n/a AAA – PI 310: Activities of Daily Living / Instrumental Activities of Daily Living NAPIS Mapping Requirements
01/07/08 03/08/10 AAA – PI 311: Information, Referral, & Assistance: Unit of Service
12/11/07 09/23/13 AAA – PI 312: Data Management Guide
04/14/09 05/05/20 AAA – PI 315: Use of Debit and Gift Cards in a Disaster Situation
10/06/09 10/13/09 AAA – PI 316: Client Documentation Requirements for Services
AAA – PI 316: Client Documentation Requirements for Services Matrix
10/18/11 n/a AAA – PI 318: Transportation Voucher Service
09/01/13 09/09/13 AAA – PI 319: Food Bank Product and Title III Meals
01/07/08 n/a AAA – PI 400: Clarification of OAA Title III-E National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP) and AoA/NAPIS Reporting Requirements
01/07/08 12/30/08 AAA – PI 500: Conflicts of Interest
9/21/2011 n/a AAA–PI 501 Quality Assurance (QA) Reviews for Direct Purchase of Service (DPS) Service Providers
n/a n/a PI Conversion Matrix: Cross reference table between old and new Program Instruction numbers
n/a n/a Number Configuration: Program Instruction Number Configuration

Technical Assistance Memos

A technical assistance memo contains additional information or best practice that may be useful to the AAAs in carrying out their responsibilities.  Note : The following documents are in PDF format.

TA memos
Release Date Revision Date Series and Name
01/07/08 06/29/09 AAA – TA 200: Identifying & Valuing In-kind
01/07/08 09/23/09 AAA – TA 201: Requests for Reimbursement, Request for Adjustment Journal
01/07/08 n/a TA 06-09: Unit of Health Maintenance
01/30/08 02/04/14 AAA – TA 301: Poverty Guidelines
09/23/09 10/30/09 AAA – TA 303: Low, Moderate, and High Incomes
09/23/09   AAA – TA 304: Influenza, Precautionary Recommendations for Congregate Sites
4/7/11   AAA – TA 305: Nutrition Programs Guidelines - Compliance with the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) and Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) Requirements
01/07/08 2/10/11 AAA – TA 400: Budget, Performance, RfR Process
01/07/08 09/23/09 AAA – TA 401: Corrected Quarterly Performance Report (QPR)
01/07/08 11/04/09 AAA – TA 500: Electronic Help Desk Procedures
01/07/08 10/27/09 AAA – TA 501: Report Submission Procedure
01/07/08 n/a AAA – TA 502: Language Translation Services for Older Individuals with limited English Speaking Ability
06/22/2009 n/a AAA – TA 504: Identify, define, and develop processes and procedures within a AAA
2/22/13 n/a AAA – TA 601: Establishment of Private Pay Programs in Coordination with Title III Funded Services
n/a n/a TA Conversion Matrix: Cross reference table between old and new Technical Assistance numbers
n/a n/a Number Configuration: Technical Assistance Number Configuration