Employment First Task Force

HHS is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities have access to meaningful employment services in the community, especially integrated competitive employment.

This Employment First principle guides HHS services for people with disabilities and helps put them on a path towards self-sufficiency through full participation in community life. Learn more about the Employment First principle:

HHS is also a member of the State Employment Leadership Network (SELN), a cross-state cooperative venture of state agencies committed to improving employment outcomes for people with disabilities.

The Employment First Task Force, authorized by Senate Bill 1226 (83rd Legislature, Regular Session, 2013), was established by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission executive commissioner to:

  • Promote competitive employment of people with disabilities and
  • The expectation that individuals with disabilities are able to meet the same employment standards, responsibilities, and expectations as any other working-age adult.

Read a summary of the Employment First policy established by SB 1226 and of the responsibilities of the task force in PDF.