Local Planning and Network Development (LPND) Information for Potential Providers

2022 Notice To Provider Organizations

HHSC will accept Provider Inquiry Forms from September 15, 2022 – December 1, 2022. The form is designed for use by interested providers to notify HHSC of the provider’s interest in providing mental health services in a service area specific to one or more mental health authorities (LMHAs) or local behavioral health authorities (LBHAs). Using the Provider Inquiry Form Fiscal Year 2022 (PDF), potential provider organizations submit a description of their qualifications, including their experience as it relates to the same or similar services and populations defined in the Texas Resilience and Recovery (TRR) Levels of Care.

This form may only be used by provider organizations. Individual practitioners must contact local authorities directly to discuss opportunities for contracting.

Interested providers may complete and submit the Provider Inquiry Form Fiscal Year 2022 (see linked above) to LPND@hhs.texas.gov by December 1, 2022. Interested providers may also contact an LMHA or LBHA directly to communicate their interest.

Provider organizations currently contracting with LifePath Systems or North Texas Behavioral Health Authority (LBHAs) are not required to submit a Provider Inquiry Form to maintain their existing contracts. However, they may submit a form to HHSC to express interest in contracting for additional services, capacity, or geographic locations. The Provider Inquiry Form does not replace requirements outlined in those providers’ contracts with the LBHAs, including those relating to contract renewal. Providers in need of clarification on maintenance of an existing contract with LifePath Systems or North Texas Behavioral Health Authority should contact them directly.

Submitting Completed Provider Inquiry Forms

Providers interested in providing mental health services in an LMHA’s or LBHA’s service area can go to the list of participating LMHAs/LBHAs to locate the applicable local authorities.

Review the information about each local authority before completing the form. In making your selections, remember the local authorities you select will contact you to schedule a follow-up teleconference. Narrowing your focus from the start can reduce the time and effort you and the local authorities invest in this process. Therefore do not select all LMHAs/LBHAs.

Applicants must be qualified, credentialed, and capable of providing services according to the TRR requirements.

Information submitted by interested providers will be posted on this website.

After posting, local authorities and other interested stakeholders, including the public, will be able to review the information you provide on your form.

Completing this form does not obligate a local authority to procure your services. HHSC has no role in arranging for your services to be procured by the local authority.

When complete, return the form via email to LPND@hhs.texas.gov. Include the name of your organization in the subject line and the provider’s contact information in the body of the email or signature.