HSCS Rewards

You've got options — so why choose a career with the Health and Specialty Care System?

The Best Care

  • Team-centered and state-of-the-art care provided to some of the people who need it the most.
  • Campus-based direct services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Psychiatric inpatient treatment for people who have complex mental health needs, including those who have been determined incompetent to stand trial or not guilty by reason of insanity.

A Caring Career

  • Do the work you were trained to do.
  • Work with people who need your care the most.
  • Join a team that’s rapidly modernizing and on the cutting edge of care.
  • Team-oriented care means you have support when you need it.
  • Our staff have expertise in caring for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental illness.
  • We work hard to recruit compassionate people who want to make a positive difference in their community.

Great Places

  • There are opportunities to work in the Health and Specialty Care System all over Texas at its 24 locations.
  • Many campuses have green spaces, even in urban centers, as well as historic settings.
  • State supported living centers and state hospitals are integral parts of their communities, with active volunteer networks and many on-campus activities.