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Instructions For WISE Cost Report Form WIC-227A

Block 1: Enter the organization name and address (local agency).

Block 2: Enter the WIC local agency number.

Block 3: Has been completed for you.

Block 4: Has been completed for you.

Blocks 5 Thru 9: Enter the dollar amount expended during the report month for each one of the four functional categories of NSA expenditures including indirect costs applicable for each category. Include all special funding (Peer Counseling, Registered Dietician (RD), Lactation Services, Improving Participant Experience (IPE), Innovation, Dietetic Internship, etc.) Attached are more detailed explanations of cost categories.

  • General Administration: Expenditures generally considered being overhead or management costs. Includes RD administrative non-client expense.
  • Client Services: Personnel expenditures for certification, food delivery and other client services and benefits. Include all non-personnel expense for the benefit of the clients/participants. Also, include RD, IPE, and extra administration expense for the benefit of our clients/participants.
  • Nutrition Education: NE expenditures for general nutrition education (NE). Also, include RD (NE portion), Obesity Prevention, Dietetic Intern, and Innovation expenses.
  • Breastfeeding: BF expenditures for breastfeeding promotion and support. Includes RD (BF portion), Peer Counseling, Lactation Services, and Lactation Service Centers.
  • Total: Add blocks 5-8.*

Block 10: Signature of the designated official (Local Agency).

Block 11: Print or type the name and title of designated official.

Block 12: Enter the date the report is submitted to the State Agency.

Block 13: Enter the telephone number of designated official.

*If using the March billing voucher amount, the total should equal all vouchers submitted.
*If not using March billing voucher amount, put explanation in remarks column.

Examples of Activities for WISE Report Categories

Note: these examples are not all inclusive

General Administration

  • General management (majority of the local agency director’s salary)
  • Salaries of accountant, program specialist, and ADP specialist for time spent on general admin activities
  • Outreach
  • Program reporting
  • Vendor contracts/evaluations
  • Vendor monitoring
  • Food instrument security and accountability
  • Food instrument reconciliation
  • Payroll and employee time accounting
  • Personnel counseling, performance evaluation, monitoring
  • Accounting, audits, self audits (not NE or BF portion)
  • Financial or legal services
  • Clerical support for accountants program specialists, director
  • Prevention of fraud
  • Office equipment, furnishings, supplies used to support general admin activities
  • Data processing (ADP) costs, associated with general admin activities
  • Portion of office space/utilities, telephone, fax services, postage/freight & travel to support general admin activities

Client Services

  • Obtaining/assessing height, weight, and blood samples for certification
  • Obtaining/assessing diet recall information
  • Explanation of eligibility to applicants
  • Issuance of food instruments
  • Training participants on how to use their food instruments
  • Referrals to other health care and social services
  • Coordination with other agencies/programs to obtain services for WIC clients
  • Participation in activities which promote a broader range of health and social services for participants
  • Participation in surveys/studies which evaluate the impact of WIC on its participants
  • Medical supplies and equipment necessary to conduct required diet and health assessments
  • Portion of office space/utilities, phone, fax services, postage/freight & travel used to conduct clients service activities
  • Clerical support for clinic operations associated with serving clients
  • Scheduling of appointments
  • Income screening and verification
  • Screening shot records

Nutrition Education

  • Teaching nutrition education classes (not BF)
  • Individual counseling (not BF)
  • Documenting NE contracts
  • NE portion of self audit
  • Preparation/planning for NE classes or individual counseling sessions
  • Developing and providing NE materials
  • Attendance of NE training sessions (to include travel, course fees, tuition)
  • NE training of other staff
  • Completing NE modules
  • Interpreter/translator services to facilitate NE
  • Enclosure of NE materials in advance/triple envelopes
  • Scheduling of NE classes
  • Equipment and furnishings used to conduct NE activities
  • NE supplies/materials such as brochures, incentive items of nominal cost, demonstration food item
  • Evaluation or monitoring of NE
  • Portion of office space/utilities, telephone, fax services, postage/freight & travel used to conduct NE activities
  • ADP services which provide nutrition education (multi-media units), track nutrition risk or NE contacts


  • Teaching, planning and preparing for BF classes
  • Individual counseling on breastfeeding
  • Interpreter/translator services to facilitate breastfeeding education
  • Peer counseling to include scheduling and coordination
  • Developing and providing BF materials
  • Breastfeeding materials/supplies such as brochures & breastfeeding aids used in BF promotion and support
  • Attendance of BF training sessions (to include travel, course fees, tuition)
  • Self audit to assess adherence to BF policies
  • Scheduling of BF sessions
  • Evaluation or monitoring of BF
  • Portion of office space/utilities, telephone, fax services, postage/freight & travel used to conduct BF activities
  • Equipment and furnishings used to conduct BF activities
  • ADP services which track breastfeeding rates

PADC Sample Report