Quality Assurance, Performance Improvement & Resident Safety Training

Nursing facilities across Texas all share a desire for quality services and to improve performance. This training program will provide nursing facilities with the knowledge and skills required to develop, initiate and evaluate different approaches to quality assurance, performance improvement and resident safety.

The Health and Human Services Quality Assurance, Performance Improvement and Resident Safety Training is a two-day training that will cover the following:

  • Introduction to quality assurance, performance improvement and resident safety
  • Regulations and standards related to quality management in long-term care
  • Quality management tools
  • Quality in action
  • Patient safety/infection control
  • Change and organizational culture
  • Evidence-based practice to improve processes and practices
  • Putting the pieces together: An integrated approach to the quality program

Although the regional QAPI conferences have ended, the HHS Quality Monitoring Program will continue to offer support for NFs as they work on improving their QAPI programs. NFs can also request reviews of their QAPI plans. Contact Sheila Shepherd, MSN, RN, for individual consultation about your facility’s QAPI program:

QAPI Newsletter

Although no additional QAPI training sessions are currently scheduled, a monthly newsletter has been created to sustain and promote the training goals of this training series.

Who Should Attend

The target audience for this training will be nursing facility nurses, administrators, activity directors and social workers.

Goals of This Training Academy

The goal of this training is to improve the quality of life and quality of care for residents at Texas nursing facilities. Residents and their families wish to be actively involved in the health care they receive. They require care that provides them with an individualized approach while ensuring quality and best practice are maintained. QAPI programs help the facility and staff identify areas where improvements can be made. Implementation of the QAPI process demonstrates to residents and families that providing appropriate, quality care is an important mission of the organization. Quality programs can improve care, thereby improving resident satisfaction and health outcomes.

Why You Should Attend

Texas nursing facilities will see a change in how federal and state surveyors determine QAPI regulation compliance. Surveyors will expect nursing facilities to apply quality principles to the person-centered approach of resident care. For this reason, HHS is providing a QAPI training. Participants will learn to recognize that medical errors frequently result from systems failure rather than human error alone; therefore, participants will learn how to analyze the process or system, rather than just a single component. In addition, the use of research-based evidence will be taught to facilitate the integration of best practice into daily resident care. Participants will also be provided with tools to help guide their efforts to promote staff participation in each step of the quality process. They will be able to initiate new quality processes in their nursing facility, build upon current quality processes, and teach the curriculum to other staff members. HHS will also offer an in-depth evaluation of new or existing quality processes.

Continuing Education Hours

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission Medicaid/Children’s Health Insurance Program plans to offer continuing education credit for licensed social workers, licensed nursing facility administrators and licensed nurses.

This continuing nursing education activity has been approved for 14.0 contact hours by the Texas Nurses Association. Texas Nurses Association – Approver is accredited with distinction as an approver of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.