Home-Delivered Meals (HDM)

What is Home Delivered Meals (HDM)?

HDM provides nutritious noontime meals delivered to people in their homes on a scheduled basis. Meals may also be delivered to a location other than an individual's home, provided the location is within the provider's service area and is approved by the case worker. Those eligible for HDM are aged 18 years or older. An interest list is maintained for people interested in applying for this program.

Information on becoming an Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) HDM provider can be found online.

Information on becoming an HDM in managed care can be found on the Medicaid Provider Enrollment webpage.

Home-Delivered Meals Waiver Request

The document listed below is to be used by Title XX HDM providers to request a waiver for federal fiscal years 2022 and 2023:


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The Texas Health and Human Services Commission contracts with a company called Granicus to provide email updates, called GovDelivery. In accordance with your contract, and contracting rules at 40 Texas Administrative Code §49.302(g), you must subscribe to receive HHSC email updates, using this GovDelivery signup, and select Information Letters, Provider Alerts and the contract program type(s).

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Contact Program Staff

For questions about:

How to Become a Provider

Contracting to Provide Services

To be eligible to provide services and receive reimbursement for these services, a provider agency must meet certain eligibility criteria. Rules regarding program and contracting requirements can be found in Title 40 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) as follows:

For more information about HHSC provider enrollment process and requirements, please click here.

An individual or provider agency must complete an application to provide services in the fee for services Community Services programs. Once you have met the minimum eligibility criteria, you may review the required application documents on:

The required application documents may be downloaded for completion. Please contact your local Contact Information for Eligibility Operations Provider Contract Management (PDF) to obtain the mailing address to submit completed documents.

If you prefer HHSC mail you the required application documents, please contact your local Contact Information for Eligibility Operations Provider Contract Management (PDF) to request an application packet and obtain the mailing address to submit completed documents.

Statutes & Rules


Information & Provider Letters

All letters are in PDF format.

Keywords in title or number
Number Title Date Published
IL 2014-77 STAR+PLUS Managed Care Resource Information for Transitioned Community Based Alternatives, Primary Home Care and Day Activity Health Services Providers 12/1/2014
IL 2014-74 Contract and Fiscal Compliance Monitoring Updated Negative Billing Procedures
Note: Replaces IL 13-28
IL 2014-69 Home Delivered Meals Requirements Regarding Nutritional Risk Assessments and Information Provided to Individuals 10/28/2014
IL 2014-49 Billing Process for Long-Term Services and Supports Providers Transitioning to STAR+PLUS 8/27/2014
IL 2014-23 Expansion of the STAR+PLUS Medicaid Managed Care Program to the Medicaid Rural Service Areas 6/3/2014
IL 2014-22 Preparing for the Upcoming Fiscal Year 2014 Claims Billing Closeout 6/3/2014
IL 2013-29 Preparing for the Upcoming Fiscal Year 2013 Claims Billing Closeout 6/28/2013
IL 2013-25 Contract and Fiscal Compliance Monitoring – Implementation of Intermittent Monitoring - Effective Date June 1, 2013 5/3/2013
IL 2012-86 Handling of Sensitive Personal Information and Breach Notification 11/27/2012
IL 2012-83 Changes to the Medicaid Eligibility Service Authorization Verification (MESAV) Effective November 2, 2012 10/29/2012