Deaf Blind with Multiple Disabilities (DBMD)

What is DBMD?

The DBMD program provides home and community-based services to people who are deaf-blind with multiple disabilities as a cost-effective alternative to institutional placement. The program focuses on increasing opportunities for consumers to communicate and interact with their environment.


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Contact Program Staff

  • Provider/policy information: 512-438-2622
  • Contracting information: 512-438-3550
  • DBMD Interest List information: 1-877-438-5658
  • Eligibility, enrollment, ID/RC, transfer, suspension, termination, renewal, and revision information: 512-438-4896
  • MDCP/DBMD Escalation Helpline:  844-999-9543

Statutes & Rules


Information & Provider Letters

All letters are in PDF format.

Keywords in title or number
Number Title Date Published
IL 2021-48 Acceptable Documentation for a Criminal History Check 10/20/2021
IL 2021-47 Assisting Individuals Whose Supplemental Security Income is Terminated 10/14/2021
IL 2021-44 Changes to HHSC-Approved Diagnostic Codes for Persons with Related Conditions List
Note: Replaces IL 2020-44. Revised September 27, 2021
IL 2021-36 Fiscal Year 2021 Cutoff Date for Year-end Closeout Processing 7/30/2021
IL 2021-32 Requirements for IPC Submissions for Individuals Requesting Services Funded with General Revenue 7/28/2021
IL 2021-29 Coordination of STAR Kids Services and IDD Waiver Services
Note: Revised May 6, 2021; Replaces IL-2021-25
IL 2021-27 Preparing for the Upcoming Fiscal Year 2021 Fee-for-Service Claims Billing Closeout 5/28/2021
IL 2021-28 New IDD Operations Portal Functions for Interest List Referrals 5/27/2021
IL 2021-19 Termination of Waiver Services during the Public Health Emergency 4/22/2021
IL 2021-18 Community Development Block Grant CARES Act (CDBG-CV) Assistance to Providers for Persons with Disabilities 4/16/2021