Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP)

What is STAP?

The Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP) helps people who have a disability that interferes with their access to telephone networks purchase basic specialized assistive equipment or services.

Vendor Application and Procedures

Vendors who want to participate in the STAP program must complete an online registration to begin receiving reimbursement for STAP vouchers. The registration information will be reviewed and, if approved, the vendor will be eligible for reimbursement once a vendor number has been issued.

Missing or incomplete information when registering will delay the processing of the registration and of a vendor becoming a STAP vendor.

Required items on the application include:

  • Business ID or federal ID
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • List of people approved by vendor to sign for vouchers

No exceptions can be made to these required items. The email address and telephone number must be valid and in working order, and responses to inquiries must be made within a reasonable period of time.

Vendors are required to update their registration information by Sept. 1 of each year using the online system to ensure uninterrupted voucher reimbursements.

Registration processes and the vendor guidelines may be amended or supplemented at any time. It is the vendor's responsibility to remain in compliance.

Vouchers must be claimed online using the STAP voucher claiming system. Only vendors that claim a voucher online can be reimbursed for vouchers exchanged. To request access to the STAP voucher claiming system send an email to dhhs.stap@hhsc.state.tx.us and include your TXV#, agency name, name of signature authority, and signature authority's email address.

All vendor exchanged vouchers must be mailed to:

Solix Inc. — STAP Processing
10 Lanidex Plaza West
Parsippany, NJ 07054

Vendor Guidelines and Procedures

Download the STAP Vendor Guidelines and Procedures (PDF) here.

Voucher Reimbursement Procedures

Vendors must submit the following documentation to Solix Inc.—STAP Processing for voucher reimbursement:

The receipt must have the following information:

  1. A. The vendor's copy of the STAP voucher signed by the vendor (or an authorized representative) and by either the voucher recipient or the parent or guardian. By signing the voucher, the vendor and voucher recipient are certifying that the device or service has been received by the voucher recipient and that the equipment was new when delivered and was not used or re-conditioned, or
    B. If the vendor is unable to obtain the recipient's signature on the voucher, other evidence of delivery, such as a postal or private delivery service receipt, may be used for proof of delivery (POD) to the recipient. However, the POD receipt must include the signature of the voucher recipient or the signature of the recipient's parent or guardian. The signature of an authorized agent will not suffice as a substitute for the signature of the recipient or the recipient's parent or guardian. Failure to obtain POD will result in the voucher not being reimbursed to the vendor.
  2. A receipt that contains a description of the device or service exchanged for the STAP voucher and the price charged to the customer for the device or service exchanged. The price charged to the customer for the device or service exchanged for the voucher cannot exceed the standard retail price charged by that vendor to all of its customers who purchase the same equipment or service. Certain devices are exempt from state sales tax. (See Texas Tax Code § 151.313 and 34 TAC § 3.284.) You should consult your accountant or a tax attorney with questions regarding state sales tax.
    • the cost of the item, and
    • a description of the equipment or services sold, including
      • the make and model of the phone (for example, Clarity C2210, Clear Sounds A50, etc.); and
      • the STAP voucher category (for example, Amplified phone, Two Way Paging Device)

Vendor Reimbursement Information must be sent to:

Solix Inc — STAP Processing
30 Lanidex Plaza West
P. O. Box 685
Parsippany, NJ 07054

  1. If the submitted documentation is incomplete, the TUSF Administrator (Solix Inc.) will notify the vendor of any deficiency.
  2. Within 45 days of receipt of all required documentation, Solix Inc. will reimburse vendors who are properly registered by an electronic funds transfer into the vendor's registered bank account, with exceptions as explained below.

    Note: Solix may delay payment of a voucher to a vendor if there is a dispute regarding the amount or propriety of the payment or whether the device or service is appropriate or adequate to meet the voucher recipient's needs. Delay may continue until the dispute is resolved.

  3. Solix may require that payment of the voucher is conditional on the return of the payment if the device is returned to the vendor within 30 days of receipt or if the service is not used by the person to whom the voucher was issued within 30 days of its availability. Solix may attempt to resolve any disputes regarding equipment or services provided under STAP using alternative dispute resolution procedures.
  4. Submission of all required information will create the presumption of a valid transaction under the STAP. However, transactions for the sale of devices or services under the STAP shall be subject to investigation and audit for two years after the payment. Vendors are required to maintain records of all sales transactions conducted pursuant to the STAP for two years. Vendors register online annually; registration is due by September 1 of each year. If the vendor does not renew registration, Solix will suspend the vendor and discontinue processing any vouchers submitted by that vendor until the form is received.
  5. If a dispute arises as to whether the submitted documentation is sufficient to create a presumption of a valid STAP sales transaction, HHSC shall be the sole judge of the sufficiency of the documentation.