Out-of-State Occupational Licenses of Military Spouses

Texas Health and Human Services recognizes out-of-state occupational licenses for certain military spouses.

Under Senate Bill 1200, passed by the 86th Legislature and signed by Gov. Greg Abbott, military spouses can conduct business or hold an occupation in Texas for up to three years without an occupational license issued by the State of Texas. This change only applies to spouses who are licensed and in good standing in another state that has licensing standards substantially equivalent to Texas.

To benefit from the new rules, military spouses need to notify HHS about their intent to practice in Texas.

How It Works

Military spouses can submit their information to HHS. After HHS verifies the information and the spouse's occupational license in another state, HHS will send a confirmation letter. After receiving the letter, the military spouse can practice their business or occupation for up to three years without a Texas license. The confirmation can't be renewed.

To participate, you must send an email to the appropriate email address below requesting a confirmation letter. You must also submit:

  • A copy of your military ID card.
  • Proof of your Texas residency.

We will review your request and respond as soon as possible. HHS is in the process of identifying states with licensing requirements that are substantially equivalent to Texas licensing requirements. The goal of this effort is to help military spouses find work quickly and ensure the health and safety of Texans.

License Types

The new rules apply to a variety of occupation types that are either licensed by HHS or governed by independent boards and administratively attached to HHS. Email addresses for each area are provided below:

*The Texas Department of State Health Services licenses and registers these occupation types.