Contractor Enrollment Process & Requirements

Note: An applicant seeking to obtain a contract must enroll in Texas Medicaid. Please visit the Medicaid Provider Enrollment web page to review the enrollment process.

Health and Human Services (HHS) has 1 standard contract and enrollment application for all Community Services providers. The application packet is comprised of a number of different forms and required documents.

The enrollment process for contract applications takes approximately 60 days from the date your complete application is received by HHS. It is crucial that you document all required information completely and accurately. The application process will be delayed if your application is returned for corrections. Your application will be processed in the order received by HHS. The effective date of the contract will be determined by HHS, but will be no earlier than the first day of the month following the month after the application has been fully completed and executed. Some regions and programs have long interest lists. Contracting with HHS does not guarantee that a provider agency will receive referrals.

Applicants seeking to obtain contracts for the following programs must have a current license as described below. An HHS Home and Community Support Services Agency (HCSSA) license must have the appropriate category required for the contract as described below:

  • Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS)/Direct Services Agency (DSA) — HCSSA license with LHHS or Licensed and Certified Home Health Services (L&CHHS) category
  • Day Activity and Health Services (DAHS) — Adult Day Care or DAHS facility license
  • Deaf Blind with Multiple Disabilities (DBMD) — HCSSA license with LHHS or L&CHHS category is required; may also have an Assisted Living Facility license
  • Hospice — HCSSA license with Hospice category
  • Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) — Adult Day Care or DAHS facility license
  • Primary Home Care/Family Care/Community Attendant Services (PHC/FC/CAS) — HCSSA license with PAS or LHHS or L&CHHS categories
  • CLASS - Support Family Services (SFS) — HCSSA license with LHHS or Child Placement Agency license

All applicants (excluding CDSA applicants) must apply for a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number through the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES). NPPES is the only entity that may issue or deny an NPI. Applicants may obtain an NPI through an easy on-line application process at the NPPES website. All applicants must enclose the official notification from NPPES with their contract enrollment packet.

Applicants who will not be providing healthcare services (such as CDSAs) are not required to apply for an NPI. Once the contract is complete, an atypical provider identifier (API) will be assigned in lieu of an NPI for each contract. CDSA applicants may wish to obtain an NPI and may do so by going to the NPPES website.

It is HHS policy to encourage all eligible minority and woman-owned businesses to obtain certification as an historically underutilized business (HUB). HUB certification is free and registration is valid for a four-year period. For more information about HUB certification please visit the HUB Program web page.

Receiving Program Notifications

Each provider must subscribe to receive HHS email updates using the link provided at HHS website and be informed of the content of the email updates. The link to subscribe to receive HHS email notifications is located at the top of each provider web page.

To Learn More

For more information about services, eligibility requirements, communications, statutes and rules, and provider manuals, please click on the programs listed on the Long-term Care Providers Portal web page.

  • For questions about licensing: 512-438-2630
  • For questions about contracting with HHS:
    • For Community-based Programs enrolled by Access and Eligibility Services, Eligibility Operations Provider Contract Management – contact via email or call 512-206-3979
    • For Waiver and Community-based Programs enrolled by Medicaid and CHIP Services, Contract Administration and Provider Monitoring – contact via email or call 512-206-3916