D-710, General Policy

Revision 11-4; Effective October 1, 2011

CHIP, CHIP Perinatal

An eligible applicant must be a Texas resident. Residency in Texas is self-declared. An applying person does not lose resident status when out of state for less than a 12-month period.

Applicants meet the residency requirement if they live in Texas and intend to make Texas their home. The household is not required to have a permanent dwelling or fixed residence. A Texas residence address listed on the application meets the "intent to make Texas their home" rule.

People who live in Texas for a temporary purpose do not meet the residency requirement.

Migrant and itinerant workers meet the residency requirement when applying if they:

  • live in Texas,
  • entered Texas with a job commitment or an intention to seek employment (regardless of current employment status), and
  • do not receive assistance from another state.