19-1, Appendix Added

Revision Notice 19-1; Effective May 1, 2019


Section Title Change
Appendix III Solicitation Prohibition Adds a new appendix shared with other handbooks regarding solicitation information.

18-1, Appendix XI Revised

Revision Notice 18-1; Effective April 20, 2018


Section Title Change
Appendix XI Allowable and Non-Allowable Expenditure Revises information for equipment – must be employer/employment-related (e.g., internet service, fax machine, printer, phone or computer needed to complete employer/employment-related duties).

16-1, Appendices Changes

Revision Notice 16-1; Effective March 14, 2016


Section Title Change
Appendix IV Cost Determination Rule Process Changes numbering of previous Appendix XIII to Appendix IV.
Appendix VI Excluded Employee Status for State of Texas Unemployment Tax (SUTA) Payments Changes numbering of previous Appendix XVI to Appendix VI.
Appendix VII IRS Revenue Procedure 2013-39 Adds a new appendix with information from the Internal Revenue Services website.
Appendix XV Social Security Tax and Medicare Withholdings and Deposits Deletes obsolete information.


15-1, Section 2000 Updated; Appendix XI Revised

Revision Notice 15-1; Effective July 21, 2015


Updates the Section 2000 Table of Contents to link directly to the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) website to provide access to the current rules in Title 40, Part 1, Chapter 41, Consumer Directed Services Option, as amended on Sept. 1, 2014. Removes all webpages in Section 2000 of the handbook, which duplicated the rules in 40 TAC Chapter 41.

Also revises Appendix XI, Allowable and Non-Allowable Expenditures, to change Administrative Expenses to Employer Support Expenditures and to make style corrections.